• Cool Panda Mandarin Chinese Classes For Kids In Austin, Texas

    Mandarin Chinese language classes for kids in Austin, Texas


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    Online Classes on Zoom Are Available!


    Spring 2021


    Session 1: Wednesdays 3:00-3:45 | Jan. 6 - Mar.10

    Session 2: Saturdays 10:00-10:45 | Jan. 9 - Mar. 13


    For 3-6 year old | $150/session | Maximum 6 families


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    For 6-12 year old: 60-min session | 1 on 1 or Group classes

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    We are committed to provide a fun and engaging online Chinese instruction

    to your individual, distance learning or homeschool plans!

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  • The Cool Panda Way

    Young children have a remarkable ability to learn language.


    The key to early language learning is to integrate language with a variety of fun activities.  This method is called Total Physical Response and it has shown to be both incredibly effective and extremely fun for young children learning a second language.


    Cool Panda has developed its own curriculum that relies heavily on TPR.  Cool Panda Mandarin Chinese group classes make use of songs, body movement, games, books and picture cards.  Most importantly, we strive to make every class as fun as possible so that children feel like they are playing instead of studying Chinese.


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  • Cool Panda Classes

    In-person classes are currently closed due to COVID-19.

    Online individual or group classes on Zoom are now available!

    Two-Hour Immersion Classes

    Cool Panda now provides its own classroom for children ages 2.5-6 on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Far West, Austin. These 2-hour immersion classes feature Cool Panda's own uniquely developed curriculum that includes songs, body movements, games, crafts and more!


    Reading classes for ages 7-12 are also available.


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    Mommy and Me Classes

    It is never too early for a baby to start learning a second language! Cool Panda Mommy and Me Classes are a great way to start learning Chinese with your little ones. In our weekly classes, we sing songs, dance, listen to stories, and play rhythm games and movement activities, all in Chinese!


    6-36 months babies are welcome.


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    Home Classes

    With Cool Panda home classes, Cool Panda comes to you! Home classes are ideal for groups of friends, neighbors, and home schoolers. Home classes are great not only because parent can avoid the traffic, but also they provide a familiar environment where it is comfortable for kids to learn.


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    School Extracurricular

    Offering Mandarin Chinese classes is a great extracurricular activity for your students and a unique option for your parents that adds value to your school. Learning a second language provides many advantages that spill over to every area of a child's education.


    Cool Panda is part of the curriculum at:

  • Online Classes

    Online Classes

    Our online classes allows students to learn Chinese in a fun way with Ms Siugi anytime and everywhere!



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    Mommy & Me Lessons

    Fun interactions with your babies in the target language are the best way to bring up bilingual children. Cool Panda will teach you how!



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    At Cool Panda, every vocabulary category has a song!  Each song is paired with a poster to reinforce the material.



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    Kids love storybooks!  We share videos of Chinese storybooks so students and parents can watch again and again at home.



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